Sohu Video 2020 features suspense and love, and “Black and White” takes the lead

In the sauna on December 19, Yewang was informed that Sohu Video released a list of some homemade episodes that will be aired in the new year, which mainly focuses on “suspense” and “love”.Sohu Video has produced suspense plays such as “He’s Coming, Please Close Your Eyes”, “Unintentional Master”, “Forensic Medical Qin Ming”, and “I Don’t Know the East Is White”, which is currently being broadcast.In January next year, it will be the first to broadcast a brand new suspense drama “Black and White”. The story is a vibrant “male hormone” blood suspense action film.Stills of “Black and White”.The official picture is in the romantic drama. Sohu video next spring will launch a “sweet pet” romantic drama “You succeeded in attracting my attention”, which includes many emotional elements such as sister love, unsatisfied lovers above friendship, girlfriends, etc.At the ancient Sohu WORLD conference on December 18, a set of relevant data for 2019 was announced, and the number of female video users reached 3.6亿,移动端垂直占比六成以上,高端消费女性用户占比七成,相关负责人表示,“做影视剧经常讲‘得女性者得天下’,搜狐视频也会一直在女性向往的爱情Explore and develop on this theme.”” I cause unknown in your world “,” Attack Again “,” My Pet Major General “and other romantic dramas will be launched one after another.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading He Yan