You See the Taste 60 kiss scenes, Gong Jun Song Yi said it was very shy

“You See the Taste” 60 kiss scenes, Gong Jun Song Yi said it was very shy
On November 13th, the iQiyi solo drama “You Seeing the Taste” held a media screening in Beijing. The male and female stars in Gong Jun and Song Yi were present.Gong Jun and Song Yiren chatted about their impressions of each other and the unforgettable moments of fancy kisses in the show.Because they have common friends in private, the two did not feel very far away when they first met.But after the shooting of “You Seeing the Taste”, the feelings of the two people got closer.Gong Jun, Song Yi people.The picture comes from the Internet “You Seeing the Taste” mentioned that the arrogant genius wine critic Lu Weixun (Gong Jun) and the young girl who lost his taste and taste (He Yiren Song) exchanged tastes due to accidental kisses.Romantic love story of love.In the play, Gong Jun and Song Yi’s table kisses, hook-waist kisses, forehead kisses and other fancy kisses will sweeten rather than push them to the climax.At the scene, Gong Jun reported that Song Yiren loved eating too much privately, and all the crew’s props were eaten up by her.However, the two people who were already familiar were still shy when they kissed in the narrative drama, and found that the drama had filmed more than 60 kisses.Regarding how the “sweet love” between the two of them started, Gong Jun said, why not drunk in the play has always encouraged Lu Weixun, more highlighting why Lu Weixun changed a lot and tolerated all her shortcomings.And Song Yiren also said, why not drunk like Lu Weixun in a subtle way.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Guo Li