Chinese men’s volleyball team lost to Iran 0 to 3, the first defeat in the Olympic Qualification

The Chinese men’s volleyball team lost to Iran 3-0.Profile picture / Osports Tokyo Olympics Men’s Volleyball Asian Qualifying Tournament ended today’s third day of competition, facing the group’s strongest opponent Iran Men’s Volleyball Team, the Chinese team lost 0-3.In the end, the Chinese team won the second place in the group with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss, and will face the Qatar team in the semi-finals.There are 8 teams participating in the Asian Qualifying Tournament of the Olympic Games. The Chinese men’s volleyball team is divided into a group with Iran, Kazakhstan, and Chinese Taipei. The team advances to the top four.In the first two rounds of the competition, the Chinese men’s volleyball team swept Kazakhstan 3-0 in the first game and beat Chinese Taipei 3-2 in the second game. They also advanced to the semifinals in a round with the Iranian team that also achieved two consecutive victories.The battle is a battle between the two teams.Iran’s men’s volleyball team ranks eighth in the world and has won the Asian championship many times. It is a well-deserved Asian hegemon; in contrast, the Chinese men’s volleyball team is only ranked 20th in the world, and it has rarely won against Iran in recent years.This Iranian men’s volleyball team based on the Rio Olympics is undoubtedly the team with the most chance to get the Olympic qualification.In this game, Shen Fulin took the initiative to change the Chinese men’s volleyball team, the second set 9th Yu Yaochen replaced Mao Tianyi to start; the main attack on the 17th Liu Libin took over the 1st Dai Qingyao, partner with the 10th Ji Daoshuai; the auxiliary 11thGeng Xin rotated Chen Longhai on the 13th and joined Zhang Zhejia on the 12th. The rest of the position followed Tongjiahua on the 8th of the free man and Changjiang River.However, in the face of full firepower and a smoother Iranian men’s volleyball team, the Chinese team was unable to resist, and eventually lost 0 to 3.There are a total of 12 teams in the Olympic men ‘s volleyball game. Currently, 7 teams have been identified, including the host Japan, and Italy, the United States, Brazil, Poland, Argentina, Russia, who qualified in the international qualifiers. The last five places are allocated to fiveChampionship teams on all continents.This also means that only the team that won the championship in this Olympic qualifier can qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. For the Chinese men’s volleyball team, the primary task is to go all out to reach the finals.